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Why Advertise With Us?

Overnight Buses Travel Magazine is the premiere long-form travel magazine for the iPad. Our award-winning stories and compelling photography invite readers to experience a travel adventure. Our available ad space is placed between content, not in the middle of it, making an ad in ONB Travel Magazine a compelling campaign opportunity.

Our ads are the perfect way to reach iOS users at the travel inspiration phase, when readers are looking to find information and download apps to make their travel plans happen.

Showcase Your Brand

Our ads have advantages over traditional print and internet advertising. Unlike a print ad, you can use video, sound and slideshows to showcase your brand. And unlike a tiny internet banner ad, you'll have the space to show off your creative side. All of our ads are full-screen portrait size or larger. Other advantages include direct access to the Apple App Store, a modal webview to increase clickthroughs and a HTML/CSS format to allow your current creative team to get started right away.

Rates and Demographics

To find out how ONB Travel Magazine can help your brand, download our Advertising Media Kit. Our kit contains audience demographics, current rates and a full explanation of ad sizes and specifications. To place an ad in the next issue of our magazine, please contact tom@overnightbuses.com.

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