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ONB Travel Magazine Privacy Policy

Our iPad app does not collect your address, access your contacts, your photostream, or your GPS location. We really love you, but we don't want to know THAT much about you. We do have advertisers, however, and they generally want to know how many people are looking at their ads. To help us do that, we have installed Flurry Analytics. It keeps track of how many time our app is opened and closed, and for how long. It logs how many page views we get, how you move through our app and what you click on. It knows what version of iOS you're using, what model iPad you're on and what country you're in (but not by collecting GPS location). It tries to guess your age and your gender.

If all this information collecting bothers you, the good news is that you can opt out of being tracked. Just go to Flurry's website and follow the directions on this page. If you want to know more about Flurry's privacy policy, you can find more information here. If you have any other questions about our privacy policy, please email us.

Newsstand: If you subscribe to our magazine with a free subscription through Apple's Newsstand, Apple gives you the option of providing your name and email address to us. We don't currently use this information to send you any emails, but we may in the future. You can decline to provide your name or email and still subscribe and download any of our issues for free.

ONB Website Privacy Policy

Our website uses Google Analytics to collect information about you, such as how many times you visit the site and where you might be located. It uses cookies to keep track of all this data. If you'd rather not be tracked, you can delete all cookies using your web browser.


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