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Overnight Buses Travel Magazine is now accepting submissions for our next issue. If you would like to submit an article, please send an email addressed to Tom at submissions@overnightbuses.com. Interested in the kind of articles we buy? Read our latest issue, now available for free on the App Store.

Articles not meeting our standards will be rejected, so please read the guidelines below before you send us anything. We do not accept photographs without accompanying articles at this time, but on occasion we need art and photography to accompany an article. If you are an artist or photographer, feel free to send us a link to your portfolio and a short summary of yourself. Please include the areas of the world you have photographed or covered so we can add you to our list. We also publish the odd book excerpt, so if you have a book about to be published, drop us a line.


We’re looking for travel essays, literature, travel journalism and personal narratives; the stories of your adventures in far-off places that changed you in ways you didn't expect. We’re looking for the stuff that will make our readers laugh, cry, shout and say “Damn! That was a darn good read.” We take pride in the fact that we publish the articles that other magazines don't. The gritty stories, the trips to the middle of nowhere, the personal narratives that really make you think, the hard-hitting journalism. If you've got it, we want it.

A few more rules and suggestions to be aware of:

Articles should be in English, with American spellings (color, not colour). Non-fiction, obviously. 2000 words or more in PDF or Word format (.doc, .pdf). 4000 words is the sweet spot, long enough to draw our readers in, short enough to read in an hour. We appreciate in-depth articles. Really.

NO queries or unfinished articles; final manuscripts only. Wait until you can send us your best work.

NO guides, how-to’s, where to’s, what’s hot, hotel reviews, top-ten beach lists, best places to go, recommendations or anything involving a cruise ship unless a murder took place and you solved it. Please.

PLEASE read Overnight Buses Travel Magazine and get familiar with the types of articles we publish. It will improve your chances immensely. We can email you sample articles if you do not have an iPad.

YES, we do pay for ALL our articles. Have pictures? Move to the front of the line.


We know rights are important to you as an author, so we want to be up-front about what we're purchasing and why. Currently, we buy a worldwide license to publish your work digitally in any format. We do not buy print rights. Furthermore, you retain ownership of your work and are free to pursue opportunities elsewhere.

For legal eagles, the relevant portion of our license agreement reads as follows:

"The Author shall retain the copyright of the Article and any accompanying photographs and may freely re-sell, assign or distribute the work for free or for payment, to any person or entity they choose, provided, however, that the Author agrees not to sell, distribute, or transfer the license in such a way that would result in the license granted to the Magazine in this agreement becoming ineffective, null or void."

If you'd like a full copy of our license agreement, please email us and we'd be happy to send you one.

We publish twice a year, roughly in June/July and December/January. Submissions will be read on a rolling basis between publication dates. If your article gets picked up elsewhere after you submit it, please let us know via email (and congratulations).

Last updated December 2013.


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