ONB Travel Magazine

Our Background

Overnight Buses Travel Magazine was started by friends Jen and Tom under the misguided impression that they could hire some employees to run it while they traveled around the world. Unfortunately, it turns out you need money to hire employees, so they're stuck in the office until further notice. And by office, they mean their kitchen table.

About Our Name

Overnight Buses Travel Magazine (shortened to ONB Travel Magazine in the App Store) is named after an overnight bus trip through Kenya. The kind of bus trip you never want to experience again but can't stop talking about. It represents the idea that the best stories we bring home are not the ones about the time everything went according to plan. The best tales are the ones about the adventures and misadventures during our travels that make leaving the safety of home an exciting experience.

Support Independent Publishers

We're an independently published travel magazine with award-winning stories and great photography. If you like the idea of a magazine whose content isn't dictated by what will make it the most money, please support us by visiting us on Facebook, downloading our app, or leaving us a review. We also have a Pinterest page dedicated inspirational travel photography.


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